The days have long gone when it was enough for a hotel to claim it cared about the environment with a card asking guests to re-use their towels. The hotel sector now takes its impact on the environment seriously and has embraced many responsible strategies to lessen the environmental footprint of travel.

The team at Green Getaways has curated a selection of some of the very best hotels in Australia which are making great inroads towards sustainability. From water and energy saving technologies, to rooftop beehives, local suppliers, recycling bins and the banishment of wasteful single-use amenities and plastic water bottles, responsible travellers can now choose to stay in forward thinking hotels. 


A number of hotels in Australia are now working towards sustainability and most importantly, promoting their sustainability initiatives to the public.

These hotels also back up their environmental footprint claims with certifications from highly respected organizations such as Earthcheck and Ecotourism Australia. Look out for hotels that have a Travel Sustainable rating of 3 on the Travel Sustainable Program, which is now working with Travelyst and Sustainalize to encourage hotels to make environmental improvements.