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“Green Getaways is an inspiring company. It supports both eco accommodation and discerning environmentalists to connect, grow and inspire.”

The Trig, Mt Arthur Tasmania

“Thank you for your wonderful website. Green Getaways has catered for an increasing public interest in sustainability.”

Lyola Pavilions, Maleny
“You can trust Green Getaways to share the best in environmentally friendly accommodation in Australia. Locals serving locals ethically!”
The Inner Space, Katoomba, NSW

“It is exciting to be part of Green Getaway’s hand-picked accommodation that cares about the environment.”

Permanent Camping – Mudgee, NSW

Think your accommodation may be a good fit for Green Getaways?


If you would like to be considered for listing on Green Getaways Australia, we would love to hear from you.

You can apply for listing via the contact form below to let us know about your environmental initiatives. We keep our annual listing registration rate as low as possible in keeping with our philosophy of supporting Australian tourism undertaking sustainability measures.

Environmental initiatives in accommodation can differ widely, so we are always open to consideration of properties who don’t fit the standard guidelines, but who offer new ideas as green technology advances. Surprise us!

We are looking for high quality, unique accommodation in Australia, with motivated and passionate owners who care about the impact of tourism on the environment.

Most accommodation operators listed on the directory are working towards the following environmental benchmarks:

  • Initiatives to improve energy efficiency
  • Recycling of waste through separation, appropriate disposal and composting
  • Use of sustainable practices in building design
  • Use of environmentally friendly products and recyclable packaging
  • Carbon reduction initiatives

Questions people are asking: What sort of environmental initiatives do we need to be undertaking to be considered for listing?

Examples of some of the things which accommodation owners are doing are below,. You do not have to do them all, but kudos to you if you do!

Energy Use

  • Photovoltiac system
  • Solar hot water
  • Energy efficient lighting (compact fluorescent and/or LED)
  • 100% use of green power
  • Off grid

Water Use

  • Water conservation and reduction methods employed
  • Grey water recycling


  • Composting of all green waste
  • Recycling of all recyclable waste
  • Bulk buying and minimal packaging of products
  • Recycling facilities provided for guests
  • Use of 100% post consumer paper products

Chemical Use

  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Low VOC emission products used when possible


Please – no little plastic bottles! There are some fabulous and stylish options now available for bathroom and kitchen use.


  • Use of FSC certified timbers, recycled or plantation timbers instead of rainforest hardwoods
  • Passive solar design incorporating thermal mass, breezeways, shading, solar orientation
  • Insulation, double glazing and weather stripping.


A number of properties are able to show their commitment to environmentally sustainable objectives in a number of other ways. These may include such initiatives as:

  • Rehabilitation projects
  • Tree planting schemes
  • Minimum impact trails
  • Registration of property on Australia’s national reserve
  • Commitment to local wildlife and revegetation groups.
  • Organic or biodynamic property.
  • Electric car recharge station
  • Complimentary guided nature walks

Lastly, accommodation needs to be professionally run with your own website and ability to accept payments, even just by direct deposit. Your availability calendar can by synced with your Green Getaways listing.

If you want help to build your own website, you may like to look at basic versions such as WordPress, Blue Host, Wix or Squarespace offer free website builders. Alternatively, we recommend Australian owned The Web Factory for personalised service and advice on anything you may need to build a website.



Responsible travel is important to us.

Our commitment to sustainability is who we are, what we do, and is the reason we strive to promote responsible travel.