Unique Mudgee Accommodation



Unique Mudgee Accommodation

inside permanent camping
Recycled ironbark and glass interiors add to the stylishly rustic feel, with a kitchen and Rais wood-fired slow combustion stove downstairs, and sleeping loft upstairs. Climb the ladder to the double bed made up with soft, linen sheets, and snuggle under a feather doona and hot water bottles in winter. Heavily insulated, the tower is cool in summer and warm in winter, with water tanks capturing rainfall, which is gravity-fed to the kitchen. A separate WC, also in hardwood, is located a short walk away, and boasts some of the best views you’ll ever enjoy.
interior permanent camping


– built from recycled ironbark
– cross ventilation for cooling
– wood stove and winter sun for heating
– heavily insulated

Energy use
– off grid
– wood heater and fire pit are fuelled by fallen logs from the property
– gas stove in kitchen

– rainwater is collected for all water needs

– separated by paper, glass and plastic for recycling
– food scraps used to feed chooks

Product Choice
– recycled paper is used on all printed items, stationery, toilet paper, etc

Food Packages
– hampers are stocked with local organic produce where possible



What we love

Architect-designed, comfortable, simply beautiful. Permanent Camping at Mudgee is the perfect place for when you need to get away from it all – in style.  A place to breathe, create, be.

Tell me more…

The two-story tower features sides which open up on the ground level, creating wide verandahs to the north, east and west, and an airy living space.

Get the Facts

Where is it?   Permanent Camping at Mudgee

What?  Unique architect-designed Cabin

How many?  One

Who?   One to two people

How much? From $350 per night.

Sounding Good?  Read on…

Designed by Casey Brown Architecture as one man’s retreat from the world, Permanent Camping near Mudgee is now open for the world to enjoy.

Set on 1800 acres in central west NSW, on the tourist drive between Mudgee and Hill End, Permanent Camping is perfectly sited to take in views of the rugged Australian landscape for hundreds of miles around.

With views across the pristine wilderness of central western NSW, the eco-friendly tower is the perfect size for two people. It was conceived with a minimal footprint, with side walls which open up to bring the landscape in. This truly is a unique camping experience, and will be an unforgettable back-to-nature experience.

One of the joys of Permanent Camping Mudgee is its out-of-the-way location. But this can mean that getting there is a mini-adventure all of its own via a 7km bush track, which winds through grazing paddocks and rugged bushland.
Jason, the owner, will chauffeur you, free of charge, to the tower in his sturdy 4WD, but you can choose whether to ride in style in the cabin or safari-style on the back. Either way, you’ll get to take in spectacular views.

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Owner: Jason McDonald
Address: Directions given at time of booking (part of the magic!)

Every enquiry and booking through GREEN GETAWAYS AUSTRALIA shows your support for the fabulous environmental initiatives undertaken by this property.


Set on 1,800 acres in the central west of NSW, on the tourist drive between Mudgee and Hill End, Permanent Camping Mudgee is perfectly sited to take in views of the rugged Australian landscape for hundreds of miles around. The tower is located 60km (one hour’s drive) from Mudgee, or 20km (30 minutes’ drive) from the nearest village of Hargraves. It has no address. That’s part of the magic.

Access from the main road to the tower at Permanent Camping Mudgee is by 4WD only, but those without a 4WD can be chauffeured the last 3km of the journey free of charge.

Permanent Camping