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Luxury Eyre Peninsula Accommodation 

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  • Interiors feature natural limestone walls
  • king sized beds
  • Japanese style bath (and yes… there is a view from here too!)
  • a wood fire in winter, all set and ready to go
  • entertainment system with mp3 player connection
  • (of course there is an espresso coffee machine!)
  • a delicious breakfast of farm fresh eggs, cereal, jams, fresh fruit, milk and yogurt
  • bar facilities (stocked with local delights, (charges apply)
  • washing machine, dishwasher and ceiling fans
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Explore the extensive walking trails and discover the natural billabong and permanent springs. Winter and early spring offer a vast array of flowering local plants and orchids as well as many birds which come to breed at Tanonga. November through to March is a special time when critically endangered Yellow tailed black cockatoos come to feast in the Allepo pines (Pinus halepensis) on the property.

For those who want to use Tanonga as their base there are a multitude of things to see and do on Eyre Peninsula.

With more than 2,000 kilometres of coastline on Eyre Peninsula you get as much space to yourself as you need! Along this spectacular coastal expanse, you’ll see sheltered coves and bays that are perfect for shing, secluded beaches, and stunning cli faces that provide the perfect vantage point for spo ing local wildlife including Australian Sea lions and the Great White Shark. If you make your way to the Head of the Bight you’ll see giant whales as they undertake their annual migration through the Southern Ocean. e Southern Wright Whales are generally seen between June and October.

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From the Owners

Minimum water use fittings and energy efficient appliances

Rainwater harvested in this pristine environment

Committed to the health of their environment, and to environmentally sensitive and sustainable tourism, Michael and Jill engaged the professional services of Gianni Zandel, architect of Adelaide, to purpose design the luxury eco lodges accommodation based on eco sensitive consideration

Inground slab for thermal mass

Reverse veneer using limestone block interior as high thermal mass with careful attention to ventilation, retaining winter sun, and limiting summer sun

Insulation R2 up to R5, double glazing in south facing windows, attention to window orientations and size

Biolytix organic worm treatment for all waste water

Large north facing windows

Amenities including Perse organic hair products and body wash derived wholly from pure natural ingredients are dispensed to avoid wasteful packaging.

Recycled or recyclable (PET) material is used for other guest amenities where packaging is unavoidable.

Bed linen, towels and robes have been chosen to maximise the use of natural products and to ensure a quality experience.

Breakfast and snacks are locally sourced and organic wherever possible.

Local indigenous and other artists’ work is featured on the walls


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What we love…

These two architecturally stunning eco lodges, set amongst regenerating native forest, create a luxury eco experience unique in Australia.


Tell me more…

Located near Port Lincoln, at the southern end of Eyre Peninsula, Tanonga luxury eco lodges are situated on a 200 hectare historic property with stunning views.


Get the Facts

Where is it?   Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

What? Luxury eco lodges

How many?   Two

Who?   Everyone

Rates: Scroll down for rates and availability 


Sounding Good?  Read on…

Modern and sensitive environmental design, stunning views, japanese-style bath, delicious local food and beverages, and luxurious self-contained facilities enhance the natural beauty of your surroundings.

At Tanonga, deliberate plantings of over 25,000 native trees, shrubs, understorey grasses and sedges recreate the sheoak grassy and sugar gum woodlands that once dominated this local landscape.

There are over 100 recorded bird species in the area and specific attention has been paid to plantings which encourage birdlife, particularly for endangered, vulnerable and rare species such as the Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo.

The luxury eco lodges at Tanonga were designed by architect Gianni Zandel to embrace the principles of eco sensitivity both in design and construction. Care was taken from the onset to minimise energy, water, waste and fuel use throughout the building phase, and beyond.

Staying at Tanonga is a wonderful way to experience the splendor of nature and architecture working together to produce a uniquely luxurious, sensitive and sustainable environment.

Features include passive design, solar power, double glazed windows and an organic worm treatment for waste water. Experience first-hand how these principles positively contribute to the environment, and to your sense of well being.

There are a multitude of things to see and do in and around the area, and Michael and Jill are more than happy to assist you with connections to experience fishing charters, golf, cultural experiences, wine tastings, swimming with sea lions and dolphins at Bairds Bay, cage diving with sharks or swimming with tuna and sea lions and whale watching in Boston Bay, visiting the Gawler Ranges and many other tours and attractions on Eyre Peninsula and the west coast.

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Hosts: Raimund and Heidi Mueller
Address: Charlton Gully, near Port Lincoln, South Australia

Every enquiry and booking through GREEN GETAWAYS AUSTRALIA shows your support for the fabulous environmental initiatives undertaken by this accommodation.


Tanonga Luxury Eco Lodges