The latest glamping trend in Australia


Glamping remains as popular as ever in Australia, however dome accommodation is fast becoming the latest trend in nature-based accommodation.

Hideaway Domes

Domes look amazingly futuristic and innovative. They certainly bring a whole new meaning to the concept of ditching your “usual four walls”.

But you may be surprised to find that they also have many other remarkable features and benefits, making staying in a dome both a fascinating and a surprisingly sustainable accommodation option.

What is a Geodesic Dome?

According to the New Yorker magazine, the geodesic dome has been recognized as the strongest, lightest, and most efficient means of enclosing space yet devised by man.

Geodesic domes are the upper portion of geodesic spheres. They are composed of a framework of triangles in a polyhedron pattern. The structures are named for geodesics and are based upon geometric shapes such as icosahedrons, octahedrons or tetrahedrons. (Remember those geometry lessons at school?)



In 1947, the American architect and visionary Richard Buckminster Fuller produced the design that made him famous—the geodesic dome whose basic, patented formula comes straight from nature’s geometry.

Fuller discovered that if a spherical structure was created from triangles, it would have unparalleled strength.

 “I think all nature’s structuring, associating, and patterning must be based on triangles, because there is no structural validity otherwise.’ This is nature’s basic structure, and it is modellable.” (Fuller)

Aerodynamics of a Dome

The aerodynamics of a dome mean they can withstand the elements in a way no other structure can. Unlike tents and marquees, geodesic domes are exceptionally resistant to strong winds. Because of their shape, wind flows over the top of a dome preventing it from being blown over. The fact that they are used in harsh environments like Antartica are a testament to their strength.


Sustainability Benefits

There are many sustainable and environmental benefits of opting for accommodation in a geodesic dome.

The volume-to-surface ratio of most domes means they occupy significantly less space than traditional buildings. This in turn reduces running costs and minimizes the energy consumption used by the dome.

The design of a geodesic dome ensures continuous airflow and it is much easier to maintain a regular temperature. Many domes are equipped with large, open windows to capture the sunlight and lessen their environmental footprint by minimizing the need for additional light sources and energy consumption.

The components used in geodesic dome accommodation can even be recyclable and waste is kept to a minimum. The latest recyclable designs also benefit from components designed with insulation in mind, minimizing the energy loss from each dome.

Where can I stay in a Dome in Australia?

While staying in a dome, you can fall asleep watching the moon rise, listen to music in unique acoustic surrounds and see the world from a totally new perspective. So why not make your next glamping stay a few nights in a dome? Check out some of Australia’s best glamping domes below.

Domes Mudgee

Hideaway Domes

The striking geodesic dome at Hideaway Domes provides a truly deluxe escape, offering all the modern comfort that you would expect in a luxury cottage  as well as the added benefit of minimising your carbon footprint.



Set amongst a beautiful backdrop of natural Australian bushland, Hideaway Domes is located on ‘Belbourie’, a beautifully undulating 1000-acre property, only 15 minutes’ drive from the gorgeous inland NSW town of Mudgee.

Mudgee wine

This is the kind of escape that allows you to do as little or as much as you like. Immerse yourself in eco-friendly luxury and enjoy the outdoor fire pit under the stars as you disengage from the everyday in this stunning dome glamping accommodation.


The owners are passionate about sustainability and chose a geodesic dome because it casts a minimal footprint on the environment, whilst still providing our guests with a unique, indulgent, and comfortable stay.

In keeping with eco sustainability, each dome is supplied with its own rainwater tank for showering and kitchen use.All your dome needs are  run on solar power, with ample power for lighting, water heating and cooling/heating needs. The toilets are managed through a sensitive water treatment system, ready for recycling the water back into the paddock and is another example of their commitment to the environment.

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Domescape in the Vines

Domescapes in the Vines

The quality engineering of Domescapes in the Vines provides guest warmth and comfort, in any weather. The six metre domes are engineered to withstand the harshest Tasmanian winters and are also designed to cater for the intensity of the summer sun. Each highly energy efficient dome comes built in with a solar vent, the fully double insulated domes offer maximum year-round comfort.

While 25% of the dome is a clear, star-gazing sky window, they each come with block-out screening curtains for guest privacy.

Domescapes Deck

Domescapes in the Vines is located up the Tamar River, 25 minutes from Launceston, in the heart of the wine-growing region.

The beautifully crafted geodesic domes, are complete with their own ensuite, star-gazing sky windows, insulated walls and heating. Fine wines and local Tasmanian produce can be organised to ensure guests and friends can escape the stress of everyday life and soak up the wonderful Tasmanian wilderness and delights without sacrificing home comforts.


Domescapes Interior

Domescapes is a collaboration between four passionate minds – a creative director, a musical event coordinator, an owner of an energy efficiency business and a renewable energy electrician.

Every member of the team enjoys experiencing Tasmania in different ways. From their often passionate discussions, Domescapes was born – something they felt could enjoy and share. All four team members have a deep understanding that what Tassie has to offer is precious and needs to be cared for, and catering for the growing number of visitors should be carefully considered and planned.

With this in mind, they evolved Domescapes, where each glamping dome and site has a minimal footprint and environmental impact but is accessible enough for all to enjoy.

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Mirumiru twilight skies

What is a Bubbletent?

Just like the name suggests, bubble tents are round on top like a dome, and sit on a flat surface like a deck. You are literally staying inside of a clear inflatable ball.

Staying in a bubbletent feels like you’re inside an inflatable dome – kind of like a bouncy castle but without the bounce.

The bubbles are made from an opaque white vinyl on the bottom so you can maximize privacy, with a transparent, clear vinyl on top so you can maximize your exposure to the night sky. A fan keeps the bubbles inflated. The structures have a tunnel coming in and out and a pressurised chamber including an air-lock to keep them inflated and seal the warm or cool air inside.

Mirumiru Bubbletents

Mirumiru Bubbletents is an off-grid glamping resort located on a small family-owned farm in Tenterfield, New England – located 30 minutes from the Queensland border in Northern NSW. Tenterfield is surrounded by spectacular rural landscapes and seven national parks. Tenterfield and its mysterious granite boulders once provided cover for bush rangers in days gone by. In homage to this history, Mirumiru Bubbletents are named after the colourful characters that roamed the Great Dividing Range and beyond, such as Mary Ann Bugg, Captain Thunderbolt and Captain Moonlite.

Mirumiru local area

Classified as a bubbletent, rather than a geodesic dome, each Bubbletent is designed to deliver a stylish yet environmentally conscious stay under the stars.  Cocooned in your own off-grid Bubbletent, guests can explore their dedicated campsite and bush tucker gardens plus the small granite mountain, native gums and re-vegetated dam and billabong areas.

Mirumiru internal

Bubbletent guests enjoy a queen-sized bed, premium natural linens, internal composting eco-toilet, and complimentary organic toiletries. In an Australian glamping first, young guests can sleep in a suspended Tiny Bubble Tent in the surrounding gum trees. The Mary Ann Bugg Tiny Bubbletent is part of this campsite and is suspended in the gum trees next to the deck. It comes with GlamSwag feather mattresses and bedheads, sleeping bags rated to -5C and has an internal privacy cover and insect screen for your comfort. It’s rated to 200kgs so children and adults can share the Tiny Bubble Tent in a tree experience.

Captain Moonlite is the second luxe Bubbletent and is for adults only. In this dome tent, glamping is taken to another level with the outdoor vintage bath where you can soak away the worries of the outside world.

Outside the spacious deck area is the perfect romantic high-country location to sit with a glass of wine in hand. A self-catering stay is made easy no matter the weather with undercover gas cooking or traditional campfire cooking facilities with supplies to make the most of any stay.

For those guests needing Wi-Fi, Mirumiru Bubbletent offers complimentary access.


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