Green Getaways Australia

Listing your accommodation on the Green Getaways website directory offers several benefits that can help increase your property’s visibility, attract more guests, and ultimately enhance your business. Here are some key advantages of listing with us:

Increased Exposure: Green Getaways receives a significant number of visitors who are actively searching for sustainable accommodation options. By listing your property, you gain exposure to a wide audience of travellers who are specifically looking for accommodation in your area.

Low Listing Fee: We believe that Green Getaways offers the lowest listing fee in Australia. In fact, if your property is eco-certified with Ecotourism Australia, we will list your property at no cost to you.

Our aim is to promote and support the growth of genuine sustainable accommodation in Australia, not to make profits from you, and while we may not be as slick as some companies charging huge listing fees or taking a slab of your nightly rate in commission, our visitation rates are high for many of the keywords that relate to your accommodation niche. We are No. 1 on Google Search for many of these.

Trust and Credibility: Being listed on a reputable accommodation website such as Green Getaways will boost your property’s credibility and trustworthiness. We are not a start up, but have been around for over 10 years, providing personal service to both guests and owners.

Collaboration and Support: A Green Getaways listing opens up opportunities for collaboration and networking within the industry. Travel industry professionals, travel writers and journalists are often in touch with us looking for leads and information relating to sustainable accommodation and responsible travel in Australia. 

For example, did you see the ecotourism segment on “The Project” with Kestrel Nest Ecohut featured in June 2023? The lead for this feature came through the journalist contacting Green Getaways. We were happy to recommend one of the properties listed with Green Getaways, Kestrel Nest, as a perfect example of sustainable accommodation in Australia. Kestrel Nest then reached millions of viewers throughout Australia. 

Targeted Audience: Green Getaways allows you to reach a highly specific target audience interested in sustainable accommodation. Whether visitors to our website are looking for high-end, luxury sustainable accommodation or basic bush cabins, our directory enables you to showcase your property to the right audience, increasing the chances of attracting relevant enquiries and bookings.

Enhanced Online Presence: Listing your accommodation on Green Getaways improves your online presence and search engine visibility. This can result in higher rankings on search engine results pages, making it easier for potential guests to find your property when they search for accommodations in your area or with specific criteria.

Professional Presentation: Green Getaways provides a platform to showcase your property professionally. Accommodation pages offer appealing descriptions, high-quality images, and detailed amenities, giving potential guests a clear understanding of what your accommodation offers, as well as detailed information about your environmental initiatives.

Direct to Owner Bookings: By listing your property with us, you can provide potential guests with the option to make an enquiry, and make a booking directly through you. They can also check availability via our calendar option if you choose to display it. Importantly, we do not charge a commission on guest bookings.