7 Ways to Explore Australia from Home

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April 2020


7 ways to explore Australia from home​

Missing out on your annual holiday? Despite international and domestic travel being put on hold, we’ve compiled a list of some amazing destinations within Australia that you can check out from the comfort of your own home (social-distancing approved!)​

The added beauty of our selection of armchair travel is that you are not reliant on the weather, delayed flights, adding to Co2 levels or overtourism. And it is totally free!

1. Visit Queensland’s Heron Island and the Great Barrier Reef

With this stunning virtual tour of Heron Island you will feel fully immersed in the beauty and splendour of Australia’s home to the green turtle. Go for a dive or stroll along beautiful Shark Bay beach.

And while you may not actually be able to visit at the moment due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, you can still plan your visit for next year at Heron Island Resort.

The resort offers many activities such as guided island and reef walks, semi-submersible cruises and private beach picnics. An amazing array of animal and bird life can be discovered throughout the year, such as the delightful Green and Loggerhead Turtles. Heron is also world famous for its fantastic scuba diving and snorkelling such as the dives featured in the virtual tour.  There are more than 20 dive sites are available, half of which are only 15 minutes from the beach.



The Great Barrier Reef

Like everything in which David Attenborough is involved, this virtual tour of  Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is absolutely stunning.  With David Attenborough as the narrator, you can  investigate what it is that makes The Great Barrier Reef such a special place, how far some animals are prepared to travel to get here, and some of the surprising ways animals navigate their way through this beautiful world.

Highly recommended.


2. From the Sydney Opera House to Your House 

Feel the need for some culture after exploring the outdoors of Australia? While the doors to the Opera House might be closed for now, this iconic and loved performance venue is bringing a new digital program of weekly live recordings, never-before-seen footage, as well as podcasts, articles, videos and more.



3. Keep Up with the Animals at Taronga Zoo

Despite being currently closed, Sydney’s iconic Taronga Zoo has given us a front-row seat into the lives of their residents by offering free “Taronga TV.” Tune in daily for interesting updates, keeper talks and live videos of their famous residents (we particularly love the Easter Egg delivery video for Naga the Komodo Dragon).


4. Hamersley Gorge, West Australia

Feel like a walk through one of Australia’s most beautiful gorges?

Hamersley Gorge in Karijini National Park provides a wonderful opportunity to see the ever-changing light and astonishing colours that highlight complex geological forces in this spectacular landscape. A short walk leads into the gorge.

If you’d like to stay in the area at some point, Karijini Eco Retreat is an excellent option.


5. Explore the sacred grounds of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Featuring a tour guided by the Anaghu traditional owners, as well as beautiful sounds and music, this virtual tour allows you to fully immerse yourself in the knowledge and stories of Uluru.



6. Immerse yourself in a journey through Tasmania

Been planning a trip to Tasmania?It will happen, but in the meantime why not explore the various stunning locations of this wonderful island. From beaches, ancient rainforests and craggy mountaintops, this website offers panoramic views and a variety of videos to take you there…well, almost!)

And if you would like to check out your sustainable accommodation options, have a look at Accommodation in Tasmania for some great choices to suit all budgets.


7. The Journey of Captain Cook’s Endeavour

The year 2020 marks the 250th anniversary of HMB Endeavour’s voyage along the east coast of Australia. It is a story that lies at the very core of Australia’s history.

The anniversary is an opportunity to seek new ways of understanding and representing the past. It is also a chance to continue building stronger, more meaningful relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Cook’s voyage transformed European knowledge of the globe and its peoples through scientific endeavour and extraordinary navigational feats. 

This exhibition takes you on a journey, travelling on board the ship with Cook and for the first time hearing the stories from those on the shore.